Weekly Report #30

Dear Equalizers!

We are closing the week with awesome news. A great innovative NFT Yield Farming Program is launched and now you can take all the benefits of earning dividends on Equalizer Platform just placing your funds on the protocol. Most efforts of Equalizer’s team have been devoted to the YF launch but there are also a few necessary updates that we want to share.


Update 1: Yield Farming

The Equalizer NFT Yield Farming Program is launched. We created the most innovative flexible YF, that allows users to generate income easily. You can learn more about the program following the link: https://link.medium.com/zVwTmdQwPkb

In the coming weeks we will gradually enable Yield Farming for other vaults in the Equalizer platform, so stay tuned to our channels to find out more.

Join: https://app.equalizer.finance/

Update 2: Ongoing Security Penetration Audit

To protect Equalizer platform users, we continue with security audits. We have received first feedback from the security company and the results are very good so far. Let’s see what they come up with in the next few weeks, and we will share here the progress.

Update 3: Working on SEO Improvements

Equalizer developers continue to improve SEO strategy. We want to make our Website visible to search systems and as a result accessible to the target users. We need to refactor some of the site components and development will start next week. It might not be visible for the end-user but work is in progress under the hood!


Update 1: Summarizing of the Breakthrough Idea for Equalizer

We thank everyone who shared his views. We appreciate your concern about Equalizer’s success and will reward the author with the most interesting and valuable idea as soon as we learn the ideas and opportunities to implement them.


Update 2: Preparation of Monthly AMA Report

We collected your questions and the team is working on the report to clarify all the issues. Remember, you can ask everything concerning the project progress. Full the link: https://forms.gle/V6qt4QZAhP9otKcT6

Update 3: Visual Social Media Upgrade

Equalizer is growing and we decided to start the visual upgrade. Now we are working on new opportunities to beautify our content. We want to make Equalizer not only productive but also attractive:)

By the way, if you have the skill to create beautiful isometric pictures or you know someone who has such skills, let us know — we have a job for you.

Update 4: Preparation of the Creative Contest for the Community

Riding the wave of visual improvement, we want to reward the ones, who are eager to use their creative skills. Hence we are working on the concept of the competition for content-makers with providing attractive rewards.

Remember, that we are open to any suggestions: you can share your ideas by e-mail on:

You also can send your marketing proposals to our CMO Telegram @Anna_nsv


About Equalizer

Equalizer is the first dedicated flash loan marketplace that can handle the rising demand for DeFi lending and borrowing. It sets itself apart by offering the lowest fees and transaction costs, a virtually unlimited choice of token vaults, high liquidity through yield farming, scalable, multi-chain infrastructure, and integration friendly.

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