Hello everyone,

We’ve started the month of May with excitement to see the huge impact of our project in the Defi market, seeing the $EQZ over 3$. Our development and business progress are speeding up. We’ve started a new sprint on our roadmap, (https://equalizer.finance/#OurRoadmap) and we are looking forward to a challenging month, something we enjoy very much :)

We’ve just finalized the 3rd sprint on our planning by successfully delivering all the major artifacts: technical specifications are validated by our led architect, all sales rounds have been successfully finalized, the UI/UX design is ready, providing an amazing experience.

Hello everyone, As we say internally in the Team, Flash news for Flash loans! This week (and it’s becoming like a standard), we want to share many things with you; Let’s tackle all of them in this 3rd Weekly Report:

Update #1 Partnerships

Polygon: Yes, we’ve done it! We’ve started the collaboration with
Polygon following the strategy of extending the flash loans service to the Ethereum L2 chains, becoming the 1st dedicated flash loan marketplace with multi-chain capabilities. This is another proof of our initial commitment to become a multi-chain protocol.

Read the full article here.

Update #2 Development

Migration to Pancakeswap V2: As you may…

As we head toward the full-fledged launch of Equalizer.Finance, we are excited to announce that we have entered a strategic collaboration with one of the most eminent Layer-2 blockchain solutions and a platform for launching interoperable blockchains, Polygon (previously known as Matic Network).

Initially, when Polygon was known as Matic Network, it had a reputable track record of functioning as a highly successful scaling solution for Ethereum-based projects. The project recently rebranded to turn from a layer-2 solution into an all-encompassing platform where developers could deploy the most scalable and interoperable blockchain networks and dApps. As it stands, Polygon is…

Dear Equalizers,

As you may already know, the PanCakeSwap (PCS) decentralized exchange (DEX) decided to migrate from V1 to V2 in a very short period. Many projects in the crypto market that have their tokens listed on the PCS DEX are affected by this migration. As the Equalizer token (EQZ) is listed on the PCS, we want to inform you, our community, of our action plan in respect to the migration:

  • Firstly we want to ensure our users that all their assets are safe and secure and that there is no risk of losing any funds due to migration.
  • Equalizer…

Hi everyone, we are back with the weekly report with the most important facts, events, and news that happened to Equalizer in the last week.

This week we came with many things, we did a new partnership, we have several updates from our development team, and a couple of incredible announcements. Many of you are asking how all of this is possible with a limited team and resources, well, here our secret recipe: United Team + Great Motivation + Agile Methodology! Don’t underestimate the power of communication and coordination.

Update #1: Announcements


Equalizer $EQZ is listed on @kucoincom. This is a big…

Today, we are pleased to announce the new Liquidity Mining program for EQZ/ETH liquidity providers on Uniswap and EQZ/BNB liquidity providers on Pancakeswap. Liquidity Mining is the process of earning passive income by staking your LP tokens in a secure smart contract, for a given period of time.

The goal of the program is to reward the liquidity providers with a big incentive as they keep on signaling their confidence in the Equalizer development. The participants of this first edition who believe in our vision and contribute to making Equalizer successful will be rewarded with the most generous harvest. …

Equalizer is running at the speed of a flash loan and we don’t want you to miss anything regarding our development, news, partnerships, and many more; that’s why we want to launch our first weekly report!

Every week we are going to highlight the most important facts that happened to Equalizer!

So let’s start with the previous week!

Update #1: Partnerships

During the previous week, we have concluded strategic partnerships and collaborations and made official announcements on our social media channels.

Here is a summary of all of them.

Injective Protocol: Medium Article

Orion Protocol: Medium Article

Bridge Mutual: Medium Article

Ferrum Network…

Here we go! The UI/UX design is ready and we are eager to see your feedback!

We are very excited to share with our community a few sections of the Equalizer’s platform. The UI of the Equalizer is organized in tabs and the user can switch from one chain to another. In the example below the user can switch between Ethereum Chain and Binance Smart Chain and visualize the Statistics Dashboard.

The vertical bars on the Dashboard have the following meaning: - each crypto asset listed on the Equalizer Platform is a vault and each vault has a capacity; …

Equalizer is thrilled to join hands with Bridge Mutual, a game-changing decentralized risk coverage platform for cryptocurrency, exchanges, and smart contracts.

Built on the Polkadot infrastructure, Bridge Mutual aims to revolutionize the risk coverage industry by bringing more transparency, decentralization, and high transaction speed. The platform is fully decentralized where claims are managed through the three-phase voting system to ensure fair judgement.

Like most decentralized platforms, Bridge Mutual also ensures total anonymity and security of its users by not asking for any sensitive data on the platform. …

The $EQZ Initial Decentralized Offering (IDO) was a great success. The community engagement and the support from our partners and investors have been the most valuable asset.

We trust that our mission and vision are shared by many of you and we are very excited to start this journey together with you. We are sure that the success of our IDO has been driven by all the supporters of our project and we are very confident in the future.

So, let’s have a quick recap of the IDO event.

$EQZ Token Supply

The total supply is 100,000,000 $EQZ The initial circulation supply is…

Equalizer Finance

The first dedicated platform that equalizes the decentralized markets. Specially designed as a marketplace for uncollateralized flash loans.

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