Dear Equalizers,

It has been a long journey but finally after 16 intensive weeks of development, strategy and coffee (so much coffee) we are proud to announce that Equalizer platform will be soon released, in line with the top quality standards and top security requirements.

Following the latest progress we are proud to share with you the release planning:

  • The development is completed, the audit is almost done and the tests are close to the final stage.
  • 2nd to 7th August — we deploy the smart contracts and the platform in the Ethereum main-net, as mentioned last week.
  • 2nd to…

Building a strong ecosystem is one of the top priorities of Equalizer. We believe that a proporer developement of the DeFi market and especially of the flash loan market, relies on strong bulding blocks that can integrate and boost the user expecience.

That’s why, today we are happy to announce a new long-term, strategic partnership with one of the most visionary projects in the Defi market.

What is HYVE?

HYVE is a decentralized autonomous ecosystem that serves the multi-billion workforce industry. The platform offers two primary functions: a global task directory and infrastructure for decentralized platforms. At the center of everything is the…

Hello Equalizers,

We enjoy our summer very much as we are satisfied with the progress of our development. Even though we know it’s the holiday sesson, we focus on our mission as we are sure that what we build will have a powerful impact on the DeFi market.

We have been discussing internally the release’s planning, and in the report, you can find very useful information about all the activities, programs, and campaigns that we will launch together with the platform.

All these information and details are in our weekly report #15

Update #1 Development

What can we say? We have the best…

Hello Equalizers,

We are arriving at the climax of the Equalizer’s Platform development and starting next week, the Equalizer team will meet in Bucharest for an intensive hackathon, to properly prepare for the release of the platform. I can not explain how are the feelings inside the team, we are nervous and optimist for equal, it has been a few months of hard work, many meetings, discussions, fails and successes that make this project so special;

We did not imagine learning as we did when we started Equalizer, our community challenges us every week to deliver the best and we…

The Equalizer development team is delighted to announce that it has entered into a new and promising strategic partnership with Oddz Finance.

Given the increasing adoption and expansion of the DeFi market and its attraction of new user audiences, the demand for new financial instruments is growing. A large number of conventional and advanced financial instruments available on the market have already migrated into DeFi ecosystems as parallel reflections of their traditional counterparts. This transition to DeFi space has endowed such instruments with unique characteristics. Among the most demanded and versatile options on offer are flash loans, which have become…

Hello Equalizers,

It’s the time for the weekly report number 13, (we are not superstitious at Equalizer), we believe in hard work, and in our incredible team, we don’t leave many things to the random! So all your bets should be for Equalizer!

Last week has been an amazing and exciting one, on top of our technical development, we have been busy preparing the next hackathon where the Equalizer Team will meet in Bucharest for intensive development sessions and meetups with the community, don’t hesitate to ask for more information if you are interested to join Equalizer in Bucharest.

Update #1 Development


Hello Equalizers,

We just arrived at our weekly report #12. We like so much this number even if it’s a bit ubiquitous; 12 is the number of months in a year, hours on a clock face and the number of members on a typical court jury, the number 12 is mentioned often in many religions and is not a surprise that Jesus’ selection was 12 apostles. Coincidence or not, we are now 12 members of the Equalizer’s team :).

So with all these meanings of the number 12 related to time, we believe that is the right time for a…

Hello Equalizers,

We are really committed to our development and project milestones, meaning that this time our summertime will be slightly different for us, who wants a mojito when the Equalizer platform is almost ready!!! ( well, let’s be honest, both are compatible)

Anyhow, we took this beginning of summer excited as we are very advance to reach our goal, make Equalizer Platform alive for everyone, with this in mind, find our weekly report with the latest news about Equalizer.

Update #1 Development

We have onboarded a new team member — the Quality Assurance Manager — that will take care of all the…

Equalizer is continuing to adopt new approaches to making flash loans available to a broader range of users in more industries and areas of application. We are delighted to announce that we have entered into a new partnership with

Meter is a high-performance infrastructure that allows smart contracts to scale and travel seamlessly through heterogeneous blockchain networks. The system is a decentralized EVM-compatible sidechain capable of operating in parallel with Ethereum and other public networks. Based on the PoW algorithm, Meter operates using its low-volatility MTR coin that acts as the internal unit of settlements for fees and for…

Hello Equalizers,

What a nice coincidence we are living these days with the beginning of the UEFA EuroCup where the European National Teams are competing to be the Euro champion, and you can imagine that with every match, every goal, every good team spirit they are closer to be the champion.

At Equalizer, we feel the same! With every milestone in our development, every partnership, or with every weekly report we are closer to become the champion of the Flashloans.

We are close to our release date, so stay connected, and discover the status of the project in our weekly…

Equalizer Finance

The first dedicated platform that equalizes the decentralized markets. Specially designed as a marketplace for uncollateralized flash loans.

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