Equalizer Finance

We see great value in our existing community and therefore we want to involve you as much as possible in the development of Equalizer.

During September, you asked many questions to Equalizer team. Also, we see many brilliant members in our growing community providing many interesting ideas and positive feedback. We decided to reward the most active of you. We are going to encourage you with a prize of $300 for a cool idea or a proposal to enhance the Equalizer’s activities!

If you know how to light up Equalizer in the best way, fill out the form: https://forms.gle/V6qt4QZAhP9otKcT6

What you can offer:

  • any valuable materials to improve Equalizer awareness
  • any unique instrument to promote the Equalizer Project;
  • the blog or mass media channel with the super appropriate target audience and way of promotion; it also can be Telegram or Discord chat.
  • any idea that can boost or enhance the usage of the flash loan services.

At the beginning of November, we will choose the best idea and reward the authors with $300 in EQZ.

Ready? Go!

The first dedicated platform that equalizes the decentralized markets. Specially designed as a marketplace for uncollateralized flash loans.