Weekly Report #29

Hey, Equalizers!

The week is passing by and we are happy to share our latest updates. You all have been waiting for news about our Yield Farming program, so here it is:


Update 1: Yield Farming

As we previously mentioned, the Yield Farming audit was completed and the final pre-production testing is ongoing. We plan to start it next week for Equalizer vaults on both Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain, and other vaults will enter the program gradually.

Please take your time to read the full description for the most innovative Yield Farming program on the market here: https://equalizer-finance.medium.com/the-most-innovative-nft-based-yield-farming-program-in-the-market-33dbe0505af0

Key information to consider:

  • In order to participate in our Yield Farming program you need to deposit liquidity in our vaults to receive vault LPs ;
  • You need to stake this vault LPs for the desired interval (1, 3, 6, 9, or 12 months) — the higher the stake duration the higher the APY%
  • You will receive two NFTs that you can use to claim back both the staked vault LPs and the EQZ Yield at maturity date;
  • The ownership for these NFTs can be transferred individually, so you can use it for trade or transfer to any other wallet address. Whoever holds the NFTs at maturity date can claim back the vault LPs or the EQZ Yield. This opens a lot of possibilities, right?

Update 2: Security Penetration Audit in Progress

We underline that Equalizer is a secure platform. That’s why we pay much attention to the safety issues. There is an ongoing penetration audit performed by one of the big players in the industry. They are research system vulnerabilities to exclude the potential opportunities for attacks.

Update 3: Tools for Flash loans Monitoring

We are also spending efforts in building the tools needed for monitoring Flash Loan usage on the Equalizer platform.

Update 4: User Interface Improvements

The Equalizer team cares about the best user experience. That’s why we permanently improve the UI and soon you will see these changes in our application

Update 5: New SEO Strategy

A good SEO strategy significantly increases the visibility of the website. As an effect, this may increase traffic and attract target customers. We changed our previous approach to SEO, and we will make it more efficient. We are working with some of the best service providers on the market to increase our reach.


Equalizer Flash Loans contest is going on. At stake, there is $250k!

Join now: link.medium.com/QRRVN1W97jb.

Follow the discord channel: /discord.gg/Df3WuefA6z and we will happy with Flash Loans integration if you need support.

Update 1: The Breakthrough Ideas Contest on the Final Stage

This week we are finalizing the Breakthrough Ideas Contest. There are two days left till we define our champions and encourage them with a prize of $300. You can directly influence Equalizer’s progress and get community recognition and gratitude, just share your valuable vision:


Update 2: Internal AMA Session in Progress

Do you remember our beautiful new tradition to collect your questions and answer them every month? Ask everything you want to know about Equalizer, following the link and fill the form https://t.co/tHJNveeXtW?amp=1

Update 3: Chainlink Integration

This week we announce full-fledged integration of Chainlink Price Feeds on Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain. Price Feeds help to display accurate data on the platform’s UI and to properly calculate the rewards from the yield farming program.

To learn more about integration: https://equalizer-finance.medium.com/equalizer-announces-integration-of-the-chainlink-on-ethereum-and-binance-smart-chain-97a22c7db0f8

Update 4: The Reward of 1000 $EQZ is Waiting for it’s Owner

If you know anyone who can be interested in Flash Loans, just tag him and you automatically get a chance to receive a reward of 1000 $EQZ.

Here is the contest post:

Hurry up! We will summarize the results at the end of October!

Update 5: Coinmarketcap listing

Equalizer is being recognized by Coinmarketcap as a member in the following categories and filters:

  • DeFi
  • BSC
  • Ethereum
  • Lending/Borrowing

Go and check it out by yourself. If you are there, add Equalizer to your watchlist and share your good sentiment about our platform.


Remember, that we are open to any suggestions: you can share your ideas by e-mail on:

You also can send your marketing proposals to our CMO Telegram @Anna_nsv


About Equalizer

Equalizer is the first dedicated flash loan marketplace that can handle the rising demand for DeFi lending and borrowing. It sets itself apart by offering the lowest fees and transaction costs, a virtually unlimited choice of token vaults, high liquidity through yield farming, scalable, multi-chain infrastructure, and integration friendly.

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The first dedicated platform that equalizes the decentralized markets. Specially designed as a marketplace for uncollateralized flash loans.