Equalizer Bring Flash Loans to the Growing Community on TomoChain

Equalizer Finance
3 min readMay 12, 2021

Expansion across promising blockchain networks is one of the primary missions of Equalizer. We want to enable as many crypto users as possible to benefit from our flash loan services.

It is therefore that we are excited to announce our partnership with the Layer 1 Ethereum Virtual Machine compatible smart contract blockchain, TomoChain. It uses its exclusive the Proof-of-Stake Voting (PoSV) consensus asynchronous Byzantine Fault Tolerance (aBFT) mechanism to offer higher throughput, security, and reliability than older generation blockchains. It also offers seamless dApp porting from the Ethereum network.

In recent months, TomoChain has received massive traction and has seen numerous assets, dApps, and DeFi protocols being deployed on it. This offers Equalizer a great opportunity to expand in a new market and significantly boost its usage.

On the other hand, the increasing usage of TomoChain also increases the transaction volume on the chain, creating great arbitrage opportunities. As a flash lending platform, we aim to tap into the growing community of TomoChain through our partnership and enable users to take flash loans and benefit from the increasing arbitrage opportunities. Apart from that, users will also be able to get instant flash loans and use them for collateral, swapping, portfolio rebalancing, liquidations, and other use cases.

“Flash lending is already a huge part of the DeFi ecosystem and with Equalizer, we want to offer a dedicated flash lending platform that is compatible across multiple blockchains,” affirms Equalizer’s project lead Iulian Nita. “We are confident that our partnership with TomoChain will be of immense value for the users of the network. In the near future, we also look forward to integrating our platform with other promising blockchains.”

About TomoChain

TomoChain is an innovative solution to the scalability problem with the Ethereum and other current blockchains. It relies on a system of 150 Masternodes with Proof of Stake Voting (POSV) consensus that can support near-instant transactions for almost zero fees. Security, stability, and chain finality are guaranteed via novel techniques such as double validation, staking via smart contracts, and “true” randomization processes. TomoChain supports all EVM-compatible smart contracts, protocols, and atomic cross-chain token transfers. The blockchain will also incorporate new scaling techniques such as sharding, EVM parallelization, private-chain generation, hardware integration to become an ideal smart-contract public blockchain for decentralized apps, token issuances, and token integrations for small and big businesses.

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About Equalizer

Equalizer is the first dedicated flash loan marketplace built on top of a scalable infrastructure that can handle the rising demand of decentralized lending and borrowing and that can boost the trading volume of any listed asset. It offers top benefits over the popular do-it-all DeFi protocols and sets itself a class apart by offering lower fees, a virtually unlimited choice of token vaults, high liquidity through yield farming, and multi-chain capabilities.

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