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7 min readApr 5, 2022

On the 25th of March, the Equalizer Core Team was invited by Matic News to hold an AMA. We received a lot of live questions, and the team answered 10 of them. There were no rewards in order to stimulate asking questions only from people with real interest.

We selected just a couple of questions for our readers, that you will find below.

Matic News Community : Out of curiosity, why did you choose this name? Is there any backup history?

The name comes from the business model and from our vision: as we build the first platform that equalizes the decentralized finance markets, hence the name Equalizer.

Matic News Community :In which chains is available Equalizer.Finance? Is there any plan to expand on new ones?

So far, we are already operational on three major blockchains, Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain and Polygon, and are working on deploying on Optimism, we expect to finish by next week. Yes, we have plans to expand on others as well, taking into account the increasing trading volume of DeFi platforms on any compatible chain.

Matic News Community :Where people can buy or trade $EQZ? I saw plenty of options, something rare to see in the DeFi market.

Our token is listed on Kucoin, Uniswap, PancakeSwap and QuickSwap.

Matic News Community :How do I borrow a flash loan?

The process of borrowing a flash loan is quite simple, but you need some coding skills to build a script and a smart contract. You just need to call the borrow function from any of the listed vaults in the platform. A quick guide is presented here:

Matic News Community: Let’s talk about the tokenomics, which is yours and why did you choose this!

The Equalizer token denomination is EQZ, deployed as an ERC20 standard. It is used as an utility token to stimulate the development of the platform and to grant access to different services exposed by the platform.

Here is a list of categories for what the EQZ token can be used for:

  • Access to a set of premium services that helps to improve your strategies of using the flash loans (educational content, preferential flash loan services with smaller of zero fees, additional tools and services that helps the arbitrageurs to improve their strategies)
  • Incentive for users and contributors to the platform to boost the usage of the flash loan services
  • Stimulate the uptake and integration of Equalizer platform in other existing or future platforms in the DeFi market.

Matic News Community :Besides this, how is revenue being generated for the project itself that could be used on future development?

A small fee taken from all the flash loan transactions is deposited into the project’s treasury. These funds are used for further development and maintenance of the project.

Matic News Community :Talking about the security question that we ask in all AMAs, do you have any audit done?

To us security is extremely important, our smart contracts are audited by top auditor Certik. Reports can be found in our documentation. Another measure we are taking for security reasons is limiting the capacity for our vaults, in order for our Flash Loans not to be used in attacks or exploits. For regular arbitrage and liquidation, you don’t need a big Flash Loan amount.

Matic News Community :As recap, do you have a road map or long term plans that you can share with us?

We are working hard to bootstrap the usage on the platform, we are in touch with professional traders that are working on integrating their tools with the Equalizer platform. So we believe it’s just a matter of time until the usage will increase and the platform will start becoming attractive for big players.

We’ve launched in parallel the Academy initiative to support our community to collaborate and to enhance their skills in order to use the features made available by the platform.

We are committed to our plan and we’ve also started internal R&D initiatives to evaluate new flash loan use cases or to enhance the current ones.

Matic News Community :Equalizer recently had a partnership with Optimism which is a popular Layer-2 project. Kindly tell us if Equalizer also have plans to integrate more Layer-2 projects such as Metis, Arbitrum and more?

At Equalizer we are actively working on integrating with new blockchains. We are closely following the trading volume, evolution of DeFI market and number of available trading opportunities.

Matic News Community :How do you plan on navigating a bear market?

We keep building, developing, innovating and we prepare a strong foundation for the upcoming bull market

Matic News Community :Do you plan to go to Cronos?

Yes, this could be a possibility if there’s trading volume. If you’re interested in Equalizer adopting it please join our Discord server and we can discuss about it

Matic News Community: It is understood that FLASH LENDING is a revolutionary financial product that is unique to the DeFi world as it has no corresponding centralized finance product or service. However, how are defaulters penalized? Is it possible to have a dispute between the lender and the borrower? If YES, how can this dispute be resolved? Lastly, how can you prove to us that the Equalizer finance Flash lending is risk-free?

The flash loan borrower cannot default on his loan. If the loan amount is not repaid, the transaction is reverted. If the flash loan borrower is successful in his action, then he will repay the loan + fee. These fees are being distributed to the lenders. This translates in zero risk for the lenders!

Matic News Community :Can you describe your target audience? What types of businesses and use cases are best suited to use the Equalizer platform? What is the inherent use case for Equalizer’s tokens, $EQZ?

Our target audience are people who can benefit from flash loans execution, this can be for example arbitrage opportunities. We also welcome people who would like to discover what to do with these new opportunities that flash loans provide in our Academy where we weekly teach about them.

Matic News Community :Do you have any near future plans to make a bot/app in order not to require any particular coding skills for the users thus facilitating the process of taking a flash loan? It would definitely bring more attention to the project. Who wouldn’t be interested in using a bot/app which generates some profit for you by taking flash loan.

We have a plan to build tools to help developers to identify and execute arbitrage opportunities, liquidations, and other use cases where the EQZ flash loans are used. But we will focus mainly on services to help execute. In first stage we will target developers that can extend what we provide but not yet an interface that you can use without any development skills. Is coming soon! Stay tuned.

Matic News Community : I am already using another platform sir. Why should i move to the #Equalizer and invest it? What benefits will i get on if i choose your platform sir ?

We’re not only providing the lowest fees on the market for flash loans but we’re also on chains like Polygon and Optimism where there will be lots of flash loans opportunities. Please join our Discord channel and we can help you transition to our platform.

Matic News Community :Do you have any partnership with influencers and ambassadors so as to promote the project?

We worked with influencers before and we are planning to use them again as part of our marketing strategy. But we are very selective when it comes to who we work with. Our community is very important to us so we are also planning an ambassadors program. We are also working on refining our branding (via all our platforms) and social media presence.

Matic News Community: Is the token in emission (inflation model) or already all supply is in circulation?

The total supply is 100.000.000 EQZ, and the release is following the tokenomics, that can be found in our whitepaper. You can check it out here

Matic News Community : As the first dedicated platform for flash lending, how does Equalizer distinguish itself from other platforms that offer flash loans as a side product?

As we have designed the platform to be the most efficient one in terms of flash loan service, we are proud to state that we have the lowest gas needed for transaction, the lowest fees in the market, the biggest number of chains and tokens supported

Matic News Community : When can we expect the final version of the new website? We’ve been waiting for a while.

As mentioned before we are constantly working on our website. We publish SEO articles, we revise content for the EQZ use cases to get more clear. We are also working on rebranding and social media presence which is related to our website.

We thank Matic News for inviting Equalizer into their community, it was a great experience for us and we were genuinely impressed by the number of good questions we received!

We appreciate your participation and really love when you share your thoughts:

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Equalizer is the first dedicated flash loan marketplace built on top of a scalable infrastructure that can handle the rising demand of decentralized lending and borrowing and that can boost the trading volume of any listed asset. It offers top benefits over the popular do-it-all DeFi protocols and sets itself a class apart by offering lower fees, a virtually unlimited choice of token vaults, high liquidity through yield farming, and multi-chain capabilities.

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