Weekly Report #5

Hello Equalizers,

Another week full of excitements and milestones; as we said in the previous report, we believe that our community deserves the best we can offer, that is why in this week you can feel that our commitment is strong and we have increased the number of social media posts and content, thanks to the new members in the team.

With no more delay, please find here the weekly report #5:

Update #1 Partnerships:

TomoChain: It has been a very good surprise our last partnership with Tomochain, is the first time that all the discussions and agreements went so smoothly, this is possible when both companies are looking in the same directions.

Here the full article: https://bit.ly/3tH8cXU

Update #2 Marketing:

This week we have been working a lot with the new Equalizer Marketing team, to bring you the best content that you are looking for; This week has been very useful and we have explained many of the key elements of Equalizer and its features, here a summary of all of them.

Video about Flash Loans: This is the first video of a series of 5 where we will explain the main features and advantages of the Equalizer platform, hope you like them. https://twitter.com/EqualizerFlash/status/1392084654258282498?s=20

Equalizer’s Key Features: https://twitter.com/EqualizerFlash/status/1390593390593683457?s=20
Equalizer incentivization model: https://twitter.com/EqualizerFlash/status/1390650581346361353?s=20 Equalizer use case, Arbitrage: https://twitter.com/EqualizerFlash/status/1391076474426470405?s=20
The Equalizer fee system: https://twitter.com/EqualizerFlash/status/1391315558767923200?s=20
What multi-chain — cross-chain means: https://twitter.com/EqualizerFlash/status/1391368411876413440?s=20
Equalizer use case Collateral swapping: https://twitter.com/EqualizerFlash/status/1391730442710233090?s=20

Update #3 Price Prediction

We are really happy to see how the community and relevant voices in the crypto world are supporting and contributing to the Equalizer project. Here a very good example from @PickACrypto with his amazing price prediction report for $EQZ in the forthcoming years

here the full report


Update #4 First AMA session with the Equalizer community

We did our first AMA session with the Equalizer community last Friday 07/05/2021, and we were really impressed about the result of this session by the number of questions gathered, the commitment of our community and the overall good feedback obtained. As the number of question were impossible to answer on the spot, we have created a FAQ document pinned in out Telegram channel with many of these questions and we are going to keep it updated with all of them. Thank you again for the amazing time shared together.

Update #5 Development

We are working very actively to develop the core services of the Equalizer Platform. This is a full month of highly intensive development. Here is our progress:

  • testing/staging environment is fully functional and prepared to support the ongoing development and testing
  • the CI/CD (continuous integration/continuous deployment) pipelines are fully functional
  • the EQZ ERC20-BEP20 bridge is fully developed and in the last phase of testing. See the invitation for the community test here.
  • the Equalizer UI/UX is 50% developed
  • the Flash Loans Smart Contracts are 30% developed
  • the Core Services APIs are 20% developed
  • Security Policies are in place
  • Monitoring tools implemented 50%

Update #6 Token Listing

We have listed the $EQZ token in the Trustwallet Mobile App. This enables the display of the $EQZ token’s logo in Uniswap and Pancakeswap. From now on it’s easier to find our token in the huge list of available tokens. This increases trust, security, transparency, and usability.

Well, so that’s all for this week, we hope to see you soon next week, until then, have a nice weekend!

The Equalizer Team

The Flash Loan force be with you!


About Equalizer

Equalizer is the first dedicated flash loan marketplace built on top of a multi-chain infrastructure that can handle the rising demand of decentralized lending and borrowing, which can boost any listed asset’s trading volume. It offers top benefits over the popular do-it-all DeFi protocols and sets itself a class apart by offering lower fees, a virtually unlimited choice of token vaults, high liquidity through yield farming, and scalable infrastructure.

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