Weekly Report #24

There are three things you can watch forever: fire burning, water falling and the other people working. The fact that you have been with us for a long time and continue to follow up on the Equalizer’s progress means that you like what we do and enjoy monitoring our progress :)

So take a fresh portion of updates. Here we are to share with you the results of our work!


Update 1: BSC Integration Ready for Testing

We are confidently coming to the launch of Equalizer on BSC. Till this happens, welcome to test the platform on public testnet. Join https://discord.equalizer.finance on the testing channel and ask for test tokens.

Test the integration here: https://test.equalizer.finance

Update 2: Preparation for BSC Mainnet

We are now in the final stages of testing the Equalizer on the BSC. We carry out final work, preparing the environment and all the pre-requirements. The process may last a quite long time, but we rely on a team of professional developers so we expect to have it ready quite soon (beginning of next month).

Update 3: Testing and Bug fixing for Yield Farming

YF continues to work in test mode. We carefully explore how the system is functioning and try to immediately eliminate any errors.

Update 4: UI/UX Improvements

We are listening to your feedback and this week we worked on improving the front-end interfaces, preparing them for the Yield Farming launch. We take care of the farmers’ comfort in the Equalizer ecosystem by designing a new Portfolio tab that summarizes all investments and rewards.

Update 5: The Solution to the Problem with BEP20 Bridge Liquidity Found

Many of you reported about EQZ BEP20 liquidity problems on the Equalizer Bridge. We want to highlight that this was not a technical problem, but an actual issue of running out for BEP20 tokens liquidity. It took some time to find a solution, but finally, we’ve identified the way to fix the bridge liquidity, and we are working on the implementation now. Everything will work in the near future.

Here you find all the details of this problem and the solution we going to implement:

Update 6: General Bug Fixing

We continue to receive bug reports. If you find any problems, feel free to fill out the form: https://bugs.equalizer.finance

For significant bugs detected, we reward the one who found it with a nice bonus. Here you find the details of the ongoing bounty campaign:



BSC Equalizer integration — work in progress — 95 %

Yield Farming — work in progress — 100 %

Adding new vaults — work in progress — 90%


Update 1: Media Presence

Equalizer has published a press release in the largest crypto edition Cointelegraph. Follow the link to check it!

Update 2: EQZ Gets Spotted By BSC Daily

It’s nice when our initiatives are noticed. Thanks, BSCDaily!

Update 3: Questions for the Team

You ask a lot of questions, wanting to receive detailed first-hand answers. That’s why we started to collect your inquiries. At the end of the month, we will publish the article with answers to your questions. Fill out the form to ask anything about Equalizer progress: https://t.co/Mcid3UQ3P8?amp=1

Please note that the form will only be available this week. On Monday we will close it because the team needs some time to work on the report for you.

Update 2: Building and testing suitable hypotheses

Next month we are preparing for integration with opinion leaders and testing a few new channels for traffic attraction. There are some challenges in this field, identification of the Flash Loans users profile takes time.

Update 4: The $EQZ Price Feed is Now Available on LedgerLiveApp

The Ledger Live application allows you to manage your crypto assets securely and follow your portfolio, wherever you are, whether you have your Ledger Hardware wallet with you or not. Now $EQZ is among the others available crypto assets:

Update 5: Interest of Influencers

Equalizer’s activities attracted the attention of opinion leaders. We are grateful to you, friends, for your informational support: Revoulut20, DavosCryptos, Adamguy34, Vijesh Vijayan (TGK), _bitcoinSatoshi, CryptoLark, TheMoonWalker.

We also thank everyone who likes, reposts or comments on our posts. Due to your activity, the community is alive!

Last, but not least, we are working on a big Flash Loan Contest, a competition that will reward the best flash loan users! Stay tuned! The details will be revealed soon!



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