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It’s mid-September on the calendar and the Equalizer team continues to work on tasks. Routine work is not obvious and fascinating for a demonstration to the public, but it constitutes the basis and lays a strong base in the development of the project. The team is 100% committed and the progress will be visible soon.


We’ve received your feedback and we are aware of the low EQZ BEP20 tokens liquidity on the bridge and on the Kucoin exchange. We are preparing a set of actions to handle this issue, applying a secure and scalable solution.

Update 1: Design the Best Solution to Fix the BEP20 Low Liquidity

Liquidity stabilization plays an important role. We are adding the design of a new solution for the EQZ BEP20 tokens low liquidity to solve the issues with the bridge and Kucoin running out of BEP20 tokens liquidity.

In the context of preparing the operations to start on BSC, transfer of more EQZ tokens from Ethereum chain to Binance Smart Chain is needed for yield farming, liquidity mining, flash loans, trading and governance. That’s why the team is working hard to identify the best option to advance in this direction.

Update 2: BSC Integration

We are in the final stage of internal testing for the BSC integration. Everything works as expected. Next week we’ll be ready to launch it on the public test-net. Following your feedback, we will start with 10 vaults for the most well-known and traded BEP20 tokens. Follow our discord testing channel and be ready to give it a try.

Update 3: Yield Farming Programme is Launched on Public Test-Net

The Yield Farming program is available for testing on the public test-net. We confidently declare that this program uses the most innovative approach that allows investors to earn in two directions: Flash Loans fees + the reward in EQZ, tied to the assets staked. For participating in the program, the user receives NFT tokens, which can be used and transferred as a separate asset. The result is expressed in two major benefits for investors: no risk of impermanent losses and no exposure to liquidity depletion risk.

You can read more about our innovative NFT-based Yield Farming Program here.

Update 4: Audit of the Yield Farming Smart Contract in Progress

Platform security is one of the top priorities, that’s why we pay great attention to security and efficiency audits. At the moment we are waiting for the final audit report of the yield farming smart contract, done by Certik.io

Update 5: Error Pages

We’ve created and deployed the custom error pages to be displayed during the error handling. In this way the users will know when something went wrong with the application, to ask the support of our team.


BSC Equalizer integration — work in progress — 95 %

Yield Farming — work in progress — 100 %

Adding new vaults — work in progress — 85%


In marketing, we continue to focus on analytical work, determining the most effective promotion strategies. Current work lays the foundation for further balanced and reasonable steps. We are also taking a few practical solutions during this time.

Update 1: Partnership with Darkpool

This week, we agreed on a strategic partnership with a major market maker that created the APIs for Binance. By preliminary agreement, Equalizer will become the main Flash Loans provider for Darkpool.

Read more about this strategic partnership here

Update 2: Partnerships Building

Now we continue to expand the net of potential partners. We are negotiating with several companies, trying to build a strong foundation for the future of the project.

Update 3: EQZ is Listed on Delta Investment Tracker App

Delta Investment Tracker helps to watch all investments in one application. EQZ token appears through the available assets, so investors can easily track their portfolio, including their investment in EQZ.


Update 4: Winner of the Voting Poll for a Second Time in a Raw

We are again the winner of the last poll on https://bscmonkey.com/poll/

Thank you again for your great support in voting for the project!


Update 5: Сommunity

We found that the community needs more openness. We will try to satisfy this as soon as possible. Now we are preparing activities that will help us to improve our communication. We will try to launch them by the end of the month. We hope you enjoy it!

Remember, that we are open to any suggestions: you can share your ideas by mailing on

You also can send your marketing proposals to our CMO Telegram @Anna_nsv

About Equalizer

Equalizer is the first dedicated flash loan marketplace that can handle the rising demand for DeFi lending and borrowing. It sets itself apart by offering the lowest fees and transaction costs, a virtually unlimited choice of token vaults, high liquidity through yield farming, scalable, multi-chain infrastructure, and integration friendly.

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