The benefits of using flash loan services on Equalizer

The cryptocurrency space is growing at record speed, providing users with new innovative ways to earn every day. DeFi has changed the game and completely expanded the range of possibilities. Never before could you earn this consistently without any risk! Thanks to Flash Loans, it has become possible to borrow any amount for trading operations, with zero risks and no collateral.

Flash Loans is a newly developed and promising niche that is evolving into a full-fledged part of the cryptosphere. Equalizer aims to (and is positioned to) become the leader in this area.

Today, Flash Loan services are offered by several platforms, however until Equalizer no platform allowed flash loans to take center stage. We at Equalizer have given Flash Loans the main role. The core Business model of Equalizer is Flash Loans. This means that our efforts are totally focused on creating the best experience for Flash Loans users.

So, why should you use the flash loan services of Equalizer?

Naturally, all arbitrageurs look for a sustainable profit with minimum risk. It’s also clear that DeFi services should never be free of charge as platforms need funds to operate and the network needs gas to be able to execute transactions, but at the same time, these fees should be conveyed fairly and transparently. That’s why Equalizer offers a minimal default fee — 0.05%. Feel free to compare with our main competitors and see for yourself (check the table below).

Comparison table of Equalizer and competitors:

And, more importantly, the gas for transactions on Equalizer is also the lowest: it is 2x smaller than Aave.

Additionally, there are many other great perks that will most certainly make you an Equalizer enthusiast. For example, scalable infrastructure for high-speed transactions. In an industry where every millisecond matters, providing this advantage will make your experience with complex trading strategies for arbitrage, rebalancing, liquidation or collateral swapping incredibly comfortable and efficient.

All of this is possible because we are the first platform with Standardized Interfaces, following EIP-3156: Flash Loans. Based on the fact that the DeFi ecosystem is not a set of isolated islands but an interconnected web of markets and protocols, we‘ve created a platform with easy and fast integration with protocols, scripts, and bots in the DeFi market. Also, all interfaces include extensive documentation and examples.

One of the most important key advantages is multi-chain capabilities — the platform is designed with the ability to add any number of tokens on different blockchains. Consequently, Equalizer Finance offers unlimited trading opportunities for any asset. No other platform today has such functionality: for example, AAVE supports 24 tokens, Keeper DAO — 5, DYDX — only 3, Uniswap is limited to ERC20 tokens.

By providing a solution that spans multiple chains, we aim to provide cross-chain interconnections, creating unique and previously untapped market opportunities for our customers.

We have started with a set of the 10 most used assets and will gradually add new vaults periodically. List of vaults and default capacities:

Link — 13000
USDT — 250000
DAI — 250000
USDC — 250000
ETH — 170
wBTC — 8
EQZ — 250000
Matic — 125000
AAVE — 400
UNI — 6000

Alongside the game-changing positives Equalizer brings to the flash loans market, we want our users to feel secure and confident they can trust our platform. That’s why transparency and safety are our main priorities. The security of our Platform has been verified by industry-standard independent auditor We also understand that in the DeFi space unpredictable hiccups can occur. In any rare/outlying case, we will provide you with fast qualified professional support, so any difficulty or issue will be solved in no time.

Answering the question of why you should become a Flash Loans user on the Equalizer platform, Equalizer is the first specialized Flash Loans marketplace that provides unbeatable benefits for arbitrageurs and traders. Our role in this stage of DeFi development is to become a leader in this niche and we invite you to join us on this journey and succeed together!

About Equalizer

Equalizer is the first dedicated flash loan marketplace built on top of a multi-chain infrastructure that can handle the rising demand of decentralized lending and borrowing, which can boost any listed asset’s trading volume. It offers top benefits over the popular do-it-all DeFi protocols and sets itself a class apart by offering lower fees, a virtually unlimited choice of token vaults, high liquidity through yield farming, and scalable infrastructure.

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The first dedicated platform that equalizes the decentralized markets. Specially designed as a marketplace for uncollateralized flash loans.