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Regarding Pancakeswap Migration from V1 to V2

Dear Equalizers,

As you may already know, the PanCakeSwap (PCS) decentralized exchange (DEX) decided to migrate from V1 to V2 in a very short period. Many projects in the crypto market that have their tokens listed on the PCS DEX are affected by this migration. As the Equalizer token (EQZ) is listed on the PCS, we want to inform you, our community, of our action plan in respect to the migration:

  • Firstly we want to ensure our users that all their assets are safe and secure and that there is no risk of losing any funds due to migration.
  • Equalizer will migrate from PCS v1 to PCS v2 in one week by moving the liquidity from the V1 EQZ/BNB Pool to the new V2 EQZ/BNB Pool on May 6th between 9:00–11:00 AM CET.
  • The V1 EQZ/BNB Pool will still exist for as long as the users have locked liquidity in this pool. So, for a while, both V1 and V2 Pools will coexist, having different liquidity and even different prices of the EQZ token (that’s not bad for arbitrage trading :) ) Due to the low liquidity on PSC V1 after the migration, we warn our users before potential price manipulations and discourage trading on the PSC V1.
  • The recently started Equalizer Liquidity Mining Program on the EQZ/BNB V1 PCS Pool will continue as planned, and all the Liquidity Providers that have staked their V1 Cake LP tokens will continue to receive the assigned reward at the APY specified in the program (starting with 10% APY for early unstake at 60 days and up to 105% APY for unstake at 120 days)
  • After 60 days of Liquidity Mining, the users have the option to unstake their Cake V1 LP tokens and to migrate them to Cake V2 LP tokens, in this way becoming liquidity providers in the new EQZ/BNB Cake V2 Pool.
  • Suppose you are a liquidity provider on V1 EQZ/BNB Pool, and you don’t stake in the Equalizer Liquidity Mining Program. In that case, you are free to migrate your liquidity from V1 to V2 at your convenience.

There is no other impact on the Equalizer project in respect to this migration. We would like to remind our users that the $EQZ token is also listed on Uniswap DEX and Kucoin CEX.

Feel free to get in touch with us and ask further questions on our social media channels.

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