Preparing the release of the first Defi Flash Loan Marketplace

Dear friends, the Equalizer platform will be launched soon, and we know how you all wait for it. We have come a long way with you, numerous updates have been implemented during this time, and all this is thanks to our community.

We invite you to update your knowledge about what Equalizer is, and on the eve of its launch, we have gathered the essential information about the platform and would like to share it with you in this article.

Let’s start with the basic principles of the platform’s functioning.

How does the platform work?

In 4 words, Equalizer Provides Flash Loans, but of course, there are many other features that define what Equalizer is. At Equalizer, you can meet two types of users − liquidity providers and borrowers. The liquidity providers (LPs) provide their funds to a liquidity pool (Vault) and obtain a proportional fee for flash loans execution. Borrowers (or arbitrageurs) get access to the liquidity pools (vaults). Based on secure smart contracts, traders use the vaults for one of the flash loan use cases: arbitrage trading, quick execution of market-making activities, or liquidation opportunities. Third-party applications can also benefit from these liquidity pools for rebalancing their portfolio or liquidations and self-liquidations.

As you know, flash loans don’t require any collateral, and the only cost for the borrowers is a default 0.05% fee applied to the total amount they borrow. The accumulated fees are split into two parts: 90% is given to Liquidity Providers, and 10% will be saved in the Equalizer’s Treasury. The fee amount and the split proportion can be changed based on market conditions and governance decisions.

What tokens will be listed?

There are several platforms on the market today offering flash loans. However, since this function is not essential for them, their use is often limited to a few tokens.

Granting flash loans is the main service of Equalizer. And even more, we want to create a separate niche of decentralized financial services. One of the most significant advantages of Equalizer Finance is multi-chain functionality. For now, this is the only platform in the market that implies the opportunity to implement countless tokens, working on numerous blockchains. Any token you need can be listed.

We will start with a set of 10 most used tokens and will gradually add new vaults.

The list of Vaults and their default starting capacity:
Link — 13000
USDT — 250000
DAI — 250000
USDC — 250000
ETH — 170
wBTC — 8
EQZ — 250000
Matic — 125000
AAVE — 400
UNI — 6000

These limited capacities are chosen based on a deep market analysis of the current usage of flash loans. We have identified that 90% of the requested flash loans are low (a bit lower than the chosen capacity for each vault). The other 10% are much bigger and are usually used for exploits and attacks.

Starting with these limited capacities ensures two significant advantages:

  • The Equalizer Platform can’t be used for attacks and exploits,
  • We use the concept of full liquidity, meaning that all the funds in the vaults will be used for flash loans with the highest possible efficiency and will generate the highest potential return for the initial liquidity providers.

So make sure you will be one of the initial liquidity providers, as the capacities are limited, and funds can’t be deposited anymore if the capacity is full. Follow our official media channels to make sure you are one of early adopters and get all the benefits of having your slot in one of the listed vaults. | Twitter | Telegram | Telegram Announcement | Discord

What are the features available on the platform?

The first version of the platform will be released initially on Ethereum main-net. Binance Smart Chain deployment will come soon after.

At the time of its launch, the following features will be available on the platform:

➔ depositing and withdrawing funds in all listed vaults,

➔ requesting to add a new vault/token,

➔ flash loan services fully enabled,

➔ visualization of the usage statistics.

➔ extensive documentation and examples

➔ professional support for integrations

Extended functionality will be available after analyzing the daily operation of the platform:

➔ yield farming for selected vaults,

➔ switching to Binance Smart Chain,

➔ automatically adding new vaults/tokens.

Equalizer Governance

Equalizer is a community-driven project. We strive for the most decentralized platform management model. This is a continuous process that will be implemented in interations, making sure that all the parameters are fully analyzed and taken into consideration for building the most successful model.

The decentralized government topics are very complex. They include not only technical but also economic, social, and even philosophical aspects. We believe that a safe and efficient decentralized governance model can be implemented in iterations, analyzing the previous behavior and improving the next iteration. That’s why we’ve decided to start the governance model in phases and make sure that it is properly implemented to bring the Equalizer Project to success.

In Equalizer V1, the governance is ensured by the core team, meaning that the core team can change the mentioned above parameters based on the market conditions.

In preparation for the main-net release, we invite you to test the platform on Rinkeby Test-Net!

Join Equalizer, be part of, and benefit from the next big development in the DeFi ecosystem. The Era of Flash Loans has arrived!

About Equalizer

Equalizer is the first dedicated flash loan marketplace built on top of a multi-chain infrastructure that can handle the rising demand of decentralized lending and borrowing, which can boost any listed asset’s trading volume. It offers top benefits over the popular do-it-all DeFi protocols and sets itself a class apart by offering lower fees, a virtually unlimited choice of token vaults, high liquidity through yield farming, and scalable infrastructure.

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The first dedicated platform that equalizes the decentralized markets. Specially designed as a marketplace for uncollateralized flash loans.