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  • Short description of what your project aims to do? How long have you been working on the project?

Answer: Equalizer is a dedicated Flash Loans marketplace. Flash Loan is a unique trading tool, that allows borrowing any amount of cryptos without collateral. It brings us to a new epoch of zero-risk credits. We believe that this instrument will increase the financial opportunities for many people worldwide. Our purpose is to bring Flash Loans to the crypto-traders community. We have been building Equalizer almost for 7 months, now we offer a working platform ready for usage.

You can check the Equalizer: https://app.equalizer.finance/

You can try Flash Loans right now, using documentation: https://docs.equalizer.finance/

If you need any support, come to our discord channel and ask any question: https://discord.equalizer.finance/

  • How do you plan to make revenues with your project?

Answer: the fee to borrow a Flash Loan is 0,05% of the flash loan principal. Part of this amount goes to Liquidity Providers and part to an Equalizer Treasury. Today the split is 9/1, which means that Liquidity Providers receive 90% and Equalizer Treasury receives 10% of Flash Loans fee.

  • Who are your competitors? Why are you better? What’s new about what you are making? What are the advantages for your users? What’s new about what you are making?

Answer: there are AAVE, DyDx, KeeperDao, and Uniswap.

Why we are better? The mentioned platforms are not optimized for Flash Loans as Flash Loans are not their core service and they offer Flash Loans for a very limited set of tokens. Equalizer offers the most efficient Flash Loans in terms of gas, it can offer flash loans for any token on any chain. So far, we are already operational on two major blockchains, Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain, having the goal to deploy on all major chains in the market

Equalizer is attractive for professional Flash Loans users because of low fees, optimized smart contracts, and the possibility to offer Flash Loans on many chains for a wide range of tokens.

For Liquidity providers Equalizer is interesting due to its attractive rewarding system, which assumes limited seats for every vault, unique NFT-based yield farming, and security. Equalizer was designed by the highest security standards, it is security audited and constantly monitored by independent auditors.

All the advantages are summarized here: https://equalizer.finance/flash-loans

To learn about the benefits of Equalizer, see:​​

The benefits of using flash loan services on Equalizer

Why should I be a liquidity provider on the platform?

Why crypto-projects should create a vault on the Equalizer Platform?

  • After the October 5mil token release will it change to a 500k monthly token release?

Answer: The token unlock period and amounts are described in the whitepaper — section token distribution — https://whitepaper.equalizer.finance/ .

  • What are some of your thoughts on possible ways the equalizer team should handle the proposed token reduction?

Answer: Equalizer platform and tokenomics are designed to gradually diminish the token supply on a given chain. As we deploy Equalizer on more and more blockchains, the EQZ tokens will be transferred to different blockchains and only tokens on a given blockchain will be able to contribute to the governance, staking, and other operations. This will gradually diminish the supply of the EQZ tokens on the given blockchain and will have a similar effect to burning them.

  • How come the token utility has never been disclosed in the tokenomics section of the white paper? Was this idea an afterthought?

The token utility is described in the governance section https://whitepaper.equalizer.finance/token/governance.

The tokens can be used for voting on a wide range of topics like

  • How many token vaults will be allowed for yield farming
  • What are the tokens accepted for yield farming
  • The flash loan fees for each individual token vault
  • What is the maximum accepted liquidity in each Token Vault
  • What is the split for the fees obtained from offering the flash loans
  • How to spend the funds from the Equalizer Treasury
  • Pause the flash loan for a specific token vault (default none)
  • Different decisions for the evolution of the platform

They are used in the yield farming program, staking, liquidity providing.

We continue accepting your questions. Use the form to ask everything concerning Equalizer's progress: https://t.co/tHJNveeXtW?amp=1