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Did you ask? We are answering!

First of all, we want to thank you for your interest in the Equalizer progress.

We found many questions in our Google Form and it demonstrates your deep engagement. For better perception, some of the questions have been stylistically edited or combined. When we met the same or similar questions, we didn’t repeat the answers.

Also, note, that the team did not seek for arguing or proving something, that’s why in this report, we do not comment on your ideas and vision of Equalizer development. We will consider an opportunity to discuss your valuable ideas for the development of the project next time, but now we only are answering the questions:)

Ready? Go!

  • Is there a website? Where can I get the information? Why should I invest?

Answer: all information about Equalizer you can find on the website https://equalizer.finance/.

Concerning the question, why invest. Defi space is one of the most innovative market. Flash Loans have totally changed the nature of lending and brought, having unlimited opportunities for arbitrageurs and traders. Never before you can borrow money without any collateral and with zero risk.

Equalizers stay in the first stage of this new era. Exploring the current market we are sure that Flash Loans demand will only grow. That’s why we are building the platform focusing not only on the current market demand but on future demand also. Taking into account that technology is gaining momentum, investing now, you can receive a huge outcome. But it’s all about long term investments.

  • Where is a GitHub!? Great concept but no utility to monitor.

Answer: at Equalizer we weekly update our community members with our progress by publishing Weekly Reports on Medium.

Equalizer smart contracts and documentation are public so welcome to read https://github.com/Equalizer-Finance,

For security reasons, the supporting backend services are private.

  • How can I stake my EQZ?

Answer: using the EQZ vault available on the platform https://app.equalizer.finance/ . A limited capacity is available on the Ethereum chain and another limited capacity will be available on the Binance Smart Chain at the nearest time.

  • Will you be altering the token release schedule?

No, the token distribution mentioned in the whitepaper will be respected as is https://whitepaper.equalizer.finance/token/distribution

  • Why did you not consider adopting the staking system and not Yield Farming?

Answer: the staking system is now available in the Vaults of the platform. The capacity of the vault is limited. The Yield Farming Program will start soon.

  • Why isn’t anyone using the flash loan platform? Is it still too early in the development stage to have a practical use?

Answer: Equalizer platform has just been released on the Ethereum network. BSC release will follow soon. Currently, we are focusing on deploying a fully functional, secure and tested platform. The onboarding of the users is the next step of the project’s development. In parallel, the platform is entering into a bootstrapping phase where we are onboarding Flash Loan users. We will also start a wide range of activities to onboard new FL users, for the next 6 months. Stay tuned!

  • The vaults are all empty. what are the next steps to make people fill them up?

Answer: there are two major steps already planned: to advertise the project and to start the Yield Farming Program.

  • Do the actual Flash Loans start on Eth or Bsc or both chains simultaneous?

Answer: Equalizer platform has just been released on the Ethereum network and Flash loans are already available. BSC release will follow soon, so the Flash Loan service will be available on BSC too.

  • Is anything being done to address tokenomics? It seems like the monthly dump of new $EQZ serves only to depress the price.

Answer: the tokenomics is an integral part of the project and it has been made public even before the project start, in the white paper: https://whitepaper.equalizer.finance/token/distribution
The monthly unlocks are done according to the vesting period for each category, as described in the whitepaper. All the tokens that are vested will be unlocked accordingly.

  • When does EQZ want to be listed in big exchanges?

Answer: CEX and DEX exchange listings are planned for 2022 as indicated in our roadmap that is available on the official website: https://equalizer.finance/.

  • Is there any chance of a token burn?

Answer: as per Equalizer tokenomics (https://whitepaper.equalizer.finance/) token burning is not planned. Namely, Equalizer is a multi-chain platform hence EQZ tokens will be available and transferred to different chains which will lower the supply on a particular blockchain. The more chains we implement, the less supply will be available on the previous chains. This will have a similar effect to tokens burning.

  • How important is Token EQZ in the whole system and for you, and what are you going to do to make it much more used and known?

Answer: marketing activities to increase the awareness of the project and the EQZ token are already planned. Listing on other DEXs and CEXs is also on our roadmap. Additional use cases for the EQZ token are worked on by the team.

  • Is the TVL and TFLV on the website updated in real-time?

Answer: yes, all values are updated in near real-time, taking into consideration the respective chain block time and a minimum of 6 block validations (for security reasons).

Will Equalizer be adding all the upcoming steps and events on the new roadmap 2021–2024 on Coin Market Calendar just like when ETH main net launch was listed there bac in July/August 2021?

Answer: yes, we will list all major events on the CoinMarket Calendar.

  • How do you plan to keep your project market-oriented and not only product-oriented?

Answer: we’re publishing our weekly reports on different channels (telegram, medium) and our product release process follows the strict testing procedures (internal testing, independent testing, community testing, production). Community feedback is always taken into account before the production release. At the same time, continuous market research is being carried out to identify new market trends and competitive advantages.

Our strategy is based on building a strong product, testing and gradually entering the market. We do not seek a hipe or one-time breakthrough. Our goal is to create a strong foundation, a functioning high-tech product and only then to present it to the crypto community.

  • Do you have a plan to increase your share of voice among the target market to match your ambitions?

Answer: yes, actions in the following months will significantly increase our presence in the market. Expansion of PR activities will be implemented according to the key points on the roadmap.

  • Are you planning to increase the personal Twitter following of your team, taking part in seminars, conferences etc?

Answer: conferences and educational events are not the keys to big followers numbers. This direction is important but we should separate followers’ attraction and participation in events.

Talking about followers, probably, many of you know how big numbers are achieved. Airdrops and giveaways usually bring new followers and this creates the illusion of a significant social media presence. The Equalizer team also uses these methods to encourage our community, but our goal is not nominal numbers. In other words, we are not driven by followers number, we are driven by the quality of our followers

  • Will you integrate with Solana? Flare network (FLR)?

We consider integrating with any chain that has enough internal trading volume for its tokens. Solana is already on the roadmap for next year.

We hope that team’s answers helped to make the project development more clear. Remember, that we are open to any suggestions: you can share your ideas by mailing on

You also can send your marketing proposals to our CMO Telegram @Anna_nsv

About Equalizer

Equalizer is the first dedicated flash loan marketplace that can handle the rising demand for DeFi lending and borrowing. It sets itself apart by offering the lowest fees and transaction costs, a virtually unlimited choice of token vaults, high liquidity through yield farming, scalable, multi-chain infrastructure, and integration friendly.

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