Equalizer Finance Announces Bug Bounty Campaign

As you know, many users are confused about Defi. Indeed, there is a great temptation for an attacker to exploit vulnerabilities in decentralized environments. Equalizer monitors security both independently and together with professional auditors. And today we invite you, our users, to check the platform for vulnerabilities and bugs, in a safe test environment (on Ethereum Rinkeby Test Net). Yes, we are announcing a bug bounty, which means that you can get really close to the Equalizer and receive a reward for your research.

What’s the point?

We want to make your experience of using Equalizer as efficient, safe and enjoyable as possible, therefore, we are ready to pay in UDST for errors/bugs that you find and share with us.

So, if you find a bug:

You need to go to the form and fill out the bug report. Please provide enough technical information otherwise we will not be able to check the bug:

  • a detailed description of the bug,
  • code / print-screen with the error/bug

​​How much do you get for finding a bug?

For all reports that meet our requirements, we pay a minimum reward of 100 USD and a maximum reward of 1000 USD, depending on the reported bug’s severity. The reword will be paid in EQZ tokens or UDST.

How do we pay?

Payment is made to the wallet you specified in the report form, immediately after the bug is fixed by our team.

If several people reported the same bug at once, then the reward will go to the first researcher who completed the report.

What types of bugs are we looking for in this campaign?

  • security errors for the smart contracts
  • functional errors/bugs (wrong values, computation errors) of the Front-End/User Interface

*the bugs that are already reported by the team on this list, are excluded: https://github.com/Equalizer-Finance/equalizer-issues/issues

*the UI design bugs are excluded from this campaign

When is the bounty not credited?

The reward will not be credited if you publicly disclose information about the error; public disclosure of bugs in this company.

There are many types of errors. Therefore, if the type you find is not listed above, but it can actually cause damage, we will definitely consider it.

Who cannot take part in the bounty?

Equalizer team and their relatives are not allowed to participate in this campaign.

Useful links

Join http://discord.equalizer.finance on the #testing channel and ask test tokens
Test: https://test.equalizer.finance
Report: http://bugs.equalizer.finance

About Equalizer

Equalizer is the first dedicated flash loan marketplace built on top of a multi-chain infrastructure that can handle the rising demand of decentralized lending and borrowing, which can boost any listed asset’s trading volume. It offers top benefits over the popular do-it-all DeFi protocols and sets itself a class apart by offering lower fees, a virtually unlimited choice of token vaults, high liquidity through yield farming, and scalable infrastructure.

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