Equalizer Finance

Dear Equalizers! In the last months, we put our efforts into the Equalizer platform and we explored the DeFi ecosystem and the market trends.

Flash Loan is a very powerful trading instrument that is unique to blockchain and enables the creation of new strategies, opportunities, businesses, and profits. At Equalizer, we decided to bring the Flash Loans, Flash Loan use-cases and, DeFi closer to our community, developers, traders, and platforms which can greatly benefit from this novel tool.

We are happy to announce that Equalizer is launching Equalizer Academy where you’ll be able to learn, test, contribute and interact with the Equalizer team and other academy participants.

On the Academy

  • you will find learning materials, guidelines, and examples created by top experts in the field,
  • we will perform hands-on demonstrations,
  • we will have regular online meetings to discuss the topics,
  • you’ll be able to contribute, present or demonstrate your work, solutions, and experience,
  • we will exchange knowledge and ideas.

You can join the Equalizer Academy any time by registering here.

We strongly believe in our mission to share knowledge, educate, improve and unleash the full potential of Flash Loans. Our goal is to make Flash Loans available to everyone.

The academy will start in December. Stay tuned!

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