Dear Equalizers!

The Flash Loans competition closed on the 11th of January, so it is about time we announced the results!

It was the biggest Defi contest and we couldn’t have pulled this off without our contestants and our community, so a big thank you to everyone who provided support during this time.

A few details about the contest:

  • It started on the 11th of October 2021 and closed 11th of January 2022.
  • ​​Flash Loan contest reward pool was up to $250 000.
  • There have been 3 main categories of winners.

There are three main categories of prize nominations:

  • The top three users who create the largest cumulative Equalizer flash loan volume (in USD) on the Equalizer platform during the contest
  • The top three users who borrow the largest Equalizer flash loans and execute profitable DeFi operations (arbitrage, successful liquidation, successful collateral swap)
  • Top three users who create the largest profit in a single transaction using Equalizer flash loan(s).

Additional categories and the details of the contest can be found here:

During the competition:

  • 889 Flash Loans transactions were made
  • total volume of $1,030,052.4
  • biggest Flash Loan was 113358,67 USD

You can check the rewards information in the spreadsheet.

Equalizer Flash loans contest was our first such contest designed to promote Equalizer as the first dedicated platform for flash loans and to boost the adoption of the platform. It was a learning experience for the team also and as such we will repeat it in the future. As always, your feedback is much appreciated, so please, join our channels and share your thoughts!


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