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Hello Equalizers!

Have you missed us?:)

The workday has begun and we hope you have enough inspiration to change the DeFi world together with us!

On Friday, January 14, the Equalizer team answered questions from the community during an online AMA session.

Questions were answered by the following team members:

Alen—Blockchain Architect

Alex — Technical Lead

Julian — Project Lead

Liviu — Product Owner

Alina — CMO of Equalizer (moderator)

Now, let’s move on to the answers.

Question from Iliya Emmanuel Alhamdu: what’s your biggest challenge in 2022? What’s your top priority?

Julian: We focus on increasing the flash loan volume of the platform, on all current chains, exploring at the same time new chains that can contribute to the volume of flash loans. We aim to get as much as possible of the current flash loan market share.

Question from Laura Pete: what Dex’s and Cex’s do you target this year?

Julian: This year we focus on DEXs and we are still exploring what is the best option in terms of pairs, chains, liquidity, and DEX provider. We are reviewing the 1inch, Balancer, and a few others on Ethereum, BSC, and Polygon chains. To achieve our mission of equalizing the decentralized market we know we need to be present on multiple DEXs

Question from Santiago: what plans do you have to expand the team?

Julian: our team is already well sized for the development of the project. We are looking this year to expand the R&D department with the goal to explore complex use cases for flash loans and to be closer to our mission of equalizing the decentralized markets

Question from Debbie Peters: how are you going to promote Equalizer? We need more marketing.

Liviu: This is the expansion year for Equalizer, so it will mean expansion from a marketing point of view also. We are working on a marketing strategy for this year because it is important to have a clear marketing strategy that supports the business development side. We plan branding improvements (a more clear identity that stands out, that we will also implement on the website), storytelling, social media expansion (Reddit and Youtube), PR, better community management and digital campaigns to support our business goals. Our mission is to make flash loans available to everyone so we are working on this by providing educational content on our platforms and by also launching the Equalizer Flash Loans Academy.

Question from FK: why did you choose Flash Loans as your Business Model? Why is it interesting for you?

Alex Dan: very interesting question. Thank you! Flash Loans is an expanding market in the context of DeFi. Also, it is a unique feature enabled by blockchain technology and smart contracts, that is not possible in the real financial system. As we see big potential, we believe that the use cases of flash loans will expand and will create a new dedicated market that will continue to grow. Being the first dedicated and the most efficient flash loan marketplace will bring a big competitive advantage. It is also a very challenging technical problem.

Question from Dan Flueran: Why don’t you list on Binance?

Julian: Listing on Binance is a process, we are working hard to meet requirements such as trading volume, number of holders, listing fees, marketing fees, etc.

Question from Obaht: hi guys, so what is the biggest profit in a single transaction have yall seen with Equalizer flash loans? And how my unique addresses have used equalizer flash loans so far?

Liviu: the biggest profit on a single transaction so far is ~300$, we have ~850 transactions, we have crossed 1M in Flash Loan volume. We are working to output all the statistics (including unique addresses) because our flash loan contest has ended recently.

Question from Patrick: what are the next blockchains? Polkadot, Solana, cardano? When can we try doing Flash Loans using the platform?

Alen: ​​We focus on chains with big on-chain trading volume in at least one available DEX. After Ethereum, BSC, and Polygon, we now explore new chains like Avalanche, Arbitrum, and others

The flash loan service is already available for developers.

Here are the guides on how to use it:

Question from Poryajavadiii: Why after all this technical progress

Equalizer going to zero?

Stefan: We can’t control the price, it’s not in our power, it’s a free and open market. We hope that all our development actions will have a positive effect also on the price of the token

Question from Khachapurii: do you work on private repos and mirror changes to the public? Or work directly on your public repos?

Alen: we work with both private and public repos. For security reasons, part of the work we are doing can’t be public.

Our public repos are available here:

Question from King Blue Dave

Hi guys! I’m a super big fan of your project and I’ve been HODLing since April and added during the summer, I looked into MUSE dao, and they are building an NFT Flash Loan thing. I was wondering if that’s part of your plan as well.

Liviu: Thanks for supporting our project and we are happy to receive your suggestions. We are also exploring flash loan use cases in the NFT market. As soon as we identify a clear opportunity we will allocate resources to develop this use case as well.

Question from Rodrigez: based on the roadmap for 2022, I have a question for the AMA as well. Could you elaborate more on what major steps have to be done in the first place in order to be in the top 200 Coinmarketcap by the eoy?

Julian: We focus on the development of the platform and features that can generate flash loan volume on the platform on all the chains that we are deployed on. We believe that a solid technical development together with a well-defined marketing campaign will bring a top position for our project. Of course, we do our best to be there!

Question from Rodrigez: hello team. When can we expect the new updated website? We’ve been waiting for it for a while.

Alex Dan: Hello Rodrigez. We already made technical changes to the site, we migrated from an old version using Jquery to using Webflow platform. We are also adding new SEO articles every 1–2 weeks. And also we are currently working on restructuring the homepage, moving token analytics to another page, building a new 3D video for the homepage hero, and many other changes.

Question from Rodrigez: why do you prefer DEXs instead of CEXs?

Julian: DEXs are an integral part of the decentralized market and our mission is to Equalizer the decentralized market. We build a strong foundation to be able to scale and to offer arbitrage opportunities on our token as well as soon as our trading volume, holders, market presence will be strong enough we will target CEX as well but don’t forget that flash loans work only on DEFI/DEX market, not on CEX market.


We hope you enjoyed the live AMA format! Because we plan to hold regular AMAs, please share your feedback with us in order to make it as useful as possible. We appreciate your participation and really love when you share your thoughts:

About Equalizer

Equalizer is the first dedicated flash loan marketplace built on top of a scalable infrastructure that can handle the rising demand of decentralized lending and borrowing and that can boost the trading volume of any listed asset. It offers top benefits over the popular do-it-all DeFi protocols and sets itself a class apart by offering lower fees, a virtually unlimited choice of token vaults, high liquidity through yield farming, and multi-chain capabilities.

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