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Dear friends!

Today we are happy to announce the partnership with Syscoin.

It is focused on unlocking the true potential of blockchain technology by offering unique solutions to complex problems, specifically: fast and low-cost tokens, assets, and NFTs secured by Bitcoin’s censorship-resistance and hashrate.

Already running on some of the…

Dear Equalizers! In the last months, we put our efforts into the Equalizer platform and we explored the DeFi ecosystem and the market trends.

Flash Loan is a very powerful trading instrument that is unique to blockchain and enables the creation of new strategies, opportunities, businesses, and profits. At Equalizer…

Dear Equalizers! One more week passed and we are happy to announce Equalizer updates.


Our dev team is currently focusing on the following topics:

Update 1: Security

Security penetration audit is completed, Equalizer’s safety has shown excellent results. This is one more coin to Equalizer’s reputation as a safe…

Here is a new portion of Equalizer team responses!

  • Short description of what your project aims to do? How long have you been working on the project?

Answer: Equalizer is a dedicated Flash Loans marketplace. Flash Loan is a unique trading tool, that allows borrowing any amount of cryptos without…

Dear Equalizer!

We are here to share with you the latest news about Equalizer. Let’s see what we have achieved this week!


Update 1: Yield Farming for WBNB

We expect the WBNB vault to have the highest usage. Almost all the Flash Loans performed so far in our platform are…

Dear Equalizers!

We are closing the week with awesome news. A great innovative NFT Yield Farming Program is launched and now you can take all the benefits of earning dividends on Equalizer Platform just placing your funds on the protocol. …

Hey, Equalizers!

The week is passing by and we are happy to share our latest updates. You all have been waiting for news about our Yield Farming program, so here it is:


Update 1: Yield Farming

As we previously mentioned, the Yield Farming audit was completed and the final pre-production…

Equalizer Finance

The first dedicated platform that equalizes the decentralized markets. Specially designed as a marketplace for uncollateralized flash loans.

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